The Makita built Reciprocating Saw model number BJR182 has a D35 high torque motor that delivers 50% faster cutting than most of it’s competition, cutting with a 1-1/8″ stroke that cuts 2900 SPM.  This saw can be bought separately or as in the combo kit LXT 702.  The design of the tool is very compact with the length coming in at 17-3/4″ and the weight being 8.1 lbs. This combination of compactness and light weight provides the perfect tool to combat fatigue during a long demo job. The design provides one-handed, fast tool-less blade changes and shoe adjustments. The saw also has two-piece armature and field along with externally accessible brushes for serviceability and longer motor life.

The maximum cutting capacity depends upon the material involved. For pipe (w/6″ blade): 5-1/8″. For wood(w/12″ blade): 10″. The stroke length is 1-1/8″. The strokes per min. (SPM) 0-2,900. The reciprocating saw delivers 54 Watt hours, and has a battery (Ah) of 3. Putting all these quality features together gives you a tool with a Ergonomic shape that fits like a glove when in use with even pressure and easy control.

When we tested the saw, boy did we like it! We have always been big fans of the Milwaukee Sawzall, but after testing Makita’s reciprocating saw, we realize that the competition is pretty tough also.  We cut through an oak 2×4 with embedded nails, and had no problem whatsoever! The balance was good, and the saw did all the work. We really like the easy adjustment for the shoe, and the one handed blade changing feature is definitely super cool.

If you have read our other reciprocating saw reviews, you know we look at the saws overall features and benefits, but we want to make sure of two items.  Vibrations and blade locking.  Vibrations are very important for two reasons.  First the more vibrations you have, the less power or work is getting transferred to your work.  The second reason is more vibration equals more fatigue.  When you are trying to fight vibrations, even a little will wear on your arms over time.  The Makita reciprocating saw has a very low vibration when using this saw.  We cut through a lot of different material for testing purposes, Our video below shows us cutting through Oak 2×4.  All the different materials, the Makita cut extremely well and the vibrations were held to a minimum.

The second item is the blade locking and changing system.  Again we have always liked the Milwaukee system as once you insert the blade, it will stay in place.  However you need two hands to change the blade, not a big deal, but something to mention.  The Makita is different, you can change the blade very easy with one hand.  It just locks into place, push the blade down and it locks.  Once the blade is in place, we took pliers and even put the blade into a vice and couldn’t get the blade to come out, except when we turned the locking mechanism and it just popped out.  We have to say this is one of the coolest reciprocating saw features we have ever seen.

To sum up, the cordless Makita Reciprocating Saw is a good quality, highly durable tool.  The vibrations are held to a minimum and the blade change locking system is top notch.  The saw is light, but heavy enough to help perform the cutting.  This saw is definitely worth buying.



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