This is a review of the Makita Grinder model number BGA452 that came in the kit  LXT702.  The Makita Grinder is built well. The motor delivers 10,000 RPMs and subsequently produces fast and effective grinding. Like all Makita tools in this cordless kit, it is very compact in design. It is 12-1/2″ long and weighs in at only 5.6 lbs with battery included. The Ergonomic grip makes the tool very easy to use, and the pressure delivered is even, producing easy control.  We didn’t have a problem gripping the grinder, but we do wish there was a little more black grip on the shaft.  The hard plastic can tend to be a little slippery at times.  The Grinder comes with a built-in electronic control circuit with LED warning lights for overload protection. Also, if the battery is starting to drain, the LED lights will come on to warn the user to change the battery.  As with most grinders, it has a slide switch with lock-on.

The actual grinding wheel is 4-1/2″. The cut-off wheel is 4-1/2″. The wire cup brush comes in at 3-1/2″. The sanding disc is also 4-1/2″. The grinder delivers 54 watt hours of use, and the battery is 18VDC (3.0Ah).

The grinder was fun to test. It may not seem like much, but we like being able to screw in the handle on either side of the tool.  For some people, they may have a hard time getting used to only the two positions and not having the ability of the 360 degree position of a handle.  We found the grinder to be light and easy to use, and when cutting through re bar, we had no problems at all, no bogging down!  The blades were very easy to change, but make sure when you do this you always take off the battery for safety! One more nice set of features were the warning lights for tool overload and low battery. Lastly, when grinding cement, the tool worked really well with no bog down whatsoever.  We only ran it over a small cement block, but it was more to make sure this could even cut cement with an old blade.  After using this grinder for a while, we are confident that this is a workhorse for a grinder and wouldn’t have a problem having this as the only grinder on the job site, without a corded version around.  We just would make sure a battery was always charged, so we didn’t have any downtime.  As for the batteries, they charge in 30 minutes, so even a hard shot on this grinder would last at least 30 minutes.

All in all, another good tool from Makita!!



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