This is a review of the Makita Contractor bag that came in the kit LXT702.   No one really thinks that much about the bag they will be getting when they order a set of tools. In the case of this Makita tool set, that’s a thought you may want to include. Not only do you get a great set of seven basic tools for almost any job, you get a nice durable tool bag that easily holds the whole set that it comes with. This nice looking bag has a wide range of outside pockets for any extra necessities you may need to have when on a job site. The pockets are sealed shut when needed with either durable zippers or Velcro. This tool bag also has nice pouches on the inside, perfect for small accessories like fasteners or extra tools. One of the more standout features of this bag that we noticed was the design and durability of the shoulder strap that comes with the bag. The clamps that attach the strap are metal, not plastic like most other brands of bags. This ensures much more durability when constantly carrying a loaded bag.

The bag also withstood our hardcore weight test! All the tools that come with this bag may weigh in at 15 – to 20 lbs. at the most. The bag easily handles this total weight. We wanted to show tool users how much more durable this bag really is! We took a 50 lb bag of rock salt and put it in the bag, carried it around and had no problems, whatsoever. Just check our video for the test!

The only thing we thought a little unnecessary that came with the bag were the wheels on the bottom and the telescopic handle. These features won’t get used much in our estimate, unless you are using your tool bag to travel on a plane! Even if you didn’t have the power to lift a 30lb. bag of tools from your truck to the site, we doubt the wheels would help very much over a rough terrain.

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