We have received a lot of emails about Makita Tools and if we recommend them.  One of the biggest concerns we see is readers wondering about their quality.  Almost everyone points out that they are made in China by a Chinese company.  If you are new to power tools or are not familiar with Makita tools, you can read more about Makita on our Makita page.

While it is true that most Makita tools are made in China, Makita is actually owned by a Japanese company.  We have to face the facts that most tools are made in China, the primary reason is cost.  In fact there are very few American power tool companies anymore.  Even Dewalt that is owned by Black and Decker, which is an American company, has many parts made in China.  Chinese companies do have a different set of rules and regulations than American companies, but they still need to meet international standards.  When it comes to Makita tools, Makita makes sure they build quality power tools.  Over the years Makita has spent a tremendous amount of money on advertising and getting their name in front of consumers.  We would doubt they would jeopardize that to save a couple of dollars.

We have visited a lot of job sites and one reason we do this is we want to talk with the end user.  We like finding out what is good, what is bad and report this information back to you.  Over the years we have seen several companies come out with new tools, only to fail on the job site.  While the companies may be great and reputable companies, sometimes they just come out with dud products.  Makita works like any other professional power tool company.  They spend a lot of money on each new power tool they release.  They go into the field and have users test the tools, not to mention their testing inside their labs.

Makita makes some of the best professional power tools around.  They make anything from a small 1/4″ drill to Breaker Hammers and Generators.  All in all we love the Makita tools.  When you pick up a simple 18V cordless drill, you can feel the difference without even pulling the trigger.  Right away you will notice the balance of the drill in your hand, they are very well balanced.  The key is there is not too much weight on the chuck or too much on the battery.  A well balanced drill will allow you to perform more work with greater accuracy because your arm will not get fatigued.  We had a chance to use one of their Demo hammers and we have to say this is a quality built tool, just as good as Hilti.  You have a hard time feeling the vibrations.  We could go on and on about Makita tools, but the article would be too long and you would probably just fall asleep because we would end almost everything saying how much we like their power tools.

Another nice feature with Makita is the variety of products they offer.  Some companies when you buy a cordless combo kit, they only have a few tools you can add to the kit.  If you want to get another cordless tool you will have to buy a different battery and charger because they might not be compatible or even offer that tool.  Makita is no different than the other professional power tools and they offer a wide variety of power tools for each cordless line they produce.  In fact Makita currently has over 36 different power tools for the Lithium Ion 18V battery system.

As we noted above we have visited numerous job sites to get feedback about different manufacturers products and time and time again, we have heard nothing but great things about Makita tools.  We have done a couple different power tool reviews of the Makita brand and we end up recommending them as a great quality power tool company.  You can read our power tool reviews at this link. We have done other reviews, but just haven’t posted them because they were older tools.

The bottom line is Makita is a great company and they make some of the best power tools around.  They make quality power tools that are built to last. Once you pick up Makita tools, you will feel that they are designed for the user, they have great balance and feel as if they were made just for you.

We would like to hear your experiences with Makita.

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