This review is for the Hitachi Hammer Drill that came in the kit KC18DCL.  The model number for this drill is DV18DL.  This drill packs a lot of power and produces 570lbs of torque.  Compare that with the Milwaukee V28 that produces 600lbs of toque, and the Hitachi is only an 18V.  While most hammer drills have two speed settings, the Hitachi has 4 settings.  The four settings are 0-200/400/900/1800 rpm, so as a user you do have lots of control.  One feature we really like is the unique access to the carbon brushes.  On the back of the drill you have easy access  to change the brushes once they get worn out.

When you first pick up this tool, you notice this has great balance and is extremely light weighing.  The tool only weights 4.9lbs.  The tool belt clip is a nice feature, but we found the light to be pretty much worthless.  While it does work a little bit, it just got in the way more than it helped.

We ran a couple tests on this drill.  One was simple drilling and the other was mixing concrete.  For the drilling part we used an old, dull drill bit.  We drilled into a treated 4×4 that the drill ran through with no problems.  We also ran this drill through two solid Oak 2x4s, and again there was not much resistance.

For the mixing test, we used a 5 gallon bucket to mix some concrete (normally you want to use a mixing bucket, but we did this so we could see it better with the camera).  Over all, as you can see by the video, the drill did bog down a little, but still mixed the concrete.  To be fair, this drill is not really designed to mix concrete, there are better and more powerful drills that are made to mix concrete and mortar.  The side handle did come in handy because you can feel the power from this drill when mixing the concrete.

Over all, this is a very nice drill.  We like the low profile of the battery and how light this drill is.  This drill has a great feel and very good balance. You can use it all day and not get worn out!