This is the Hitachi tool bag that came in the kit KC18DCL.  This tool bag is made from a heavy duty Nylon with two handles to carry the bag.  On the outside there are a couple small pockets to hold hand tools you might access often.  Once you zip open the bag, there are two pockets.  One designed for the charger and the other is a small nylon mesh with a zipper.  This bag will hold all the tools in this kit with room left over for other tools.

As you can see from our other tool bag reviews, we like to test the weight this bag can handle.  Since this is a light kit, weighing under 20lbs., we figured we would put 50lbs. in this bag to test it.  As you can see from the video, we put 50lbs of weight in the bag, lifted it up and gave it a couple good tugs.  The bag held up and nothing tore.  We feel very comfortable over loading this bag and knowing it will hold up.



Over we like the bag.  Good storage and built just right for this kit.  As you can see this bag has some great strength.