This review is for the Hitachi Lithium Ion batteries and charger.  These came in the Hitachi combo kit model number KC18DCL.  You can also buy these separately.  The model number for the batteries is EBM1830 and the charger model number is UC 18YRL.

Overall, we like the Lithium batteries.  The Hitachi batteries are backwards compatible.  Hitachi puts a recharge life for these batteries at around 1,300 to 1,500 charges.  This kit comes with the 3 amp batteries.

The Hitachi charger is also a great charger.  Hitachi includes a universal charger that will allow a user to charge 7.2V – 18V Lithium batteries, and the same for NiCd and NiHM.  Hitachi also has a built in cooling fan which helps lower the over all temperature of the batteries and allows them to cool down and charge faster.

We like the Hitachi batteries and universal charger.  As you can see, there is not much to batteries and chargers, but after seeing some of the other batteries and chargers put out by manufacturers, we always like to take a look at the ones in the kits we review.