Since we have been testing and reviewing power tools, we have received a lot of feedback.   We have received a lot of positive feedback about our reviews, and remember if you would like to see something reviewed, please let us know by posting your ideas on our forum.


One question we receive over and over is why are we so rough on the power tools while other people who do reviews just talk about the features and benefits.  We also hear that “I own power tools and am never that rough on the power tools.”  Everyone we have talked with or sent us an email likes that we are rough on the tools and how we present the information.  Well we wanted to give an official response to our power tool testing since it has been drawing a lot of buzz around the Internet.

When we test and review power tools, we have a couple objectives we try to accomplish with each review.  Our first objective is to cover the features and benefits of each power tool.  We see what options are integrated with the power tools and see they are practical options.  We also look to see what options or features the manufacturer has forgotten.  The next item we look at is the balance of the power tool, which is very important.  Having a power tool that is not properly balanced causes more fatigue on the users body and can lead to injuries and a slow down of work.

Another feature we study is practical use.  While most people are very good to their power tools, we also know some are not.  We would rather test for the people who are very hard on their tools, that way we know if it works for them, it will definitely work for someone who is kind to their tools and takes care of them.  There are times we leave tools outside in the rain over night, in the snow and more.  Well, we want to make sure these power tools can handle all different enviorments and different users.  What we do is select what power tool would most likely be used under a particular condition and put that power tool through that test.  That’s why we don’t put water on all our tools or put all our batteries in the freezer.

We know there has been a lot of talk online and people seem excited about our power tool tests. So, we would like to thank everyone.  Remeber, if you would like to see something tested, you can either contact us or leave feedback on the forum.