This review is for the Hitachi 18V lithium Ion combo kit model number KC18DCL.  After we did our shopping we found prices starting at $289 and up.  Amazon was selling this kit for $420.

The Hitachi kit  comes with a hammer drill, impact driver, two batteries (3.oAh), charger, and a tool bag.  One item to note is Hitachi sells two different kits that are identical, except for the batteries.  One kit comes with a 1.5 amp and another is a 3 amp.  This review is for the 3 amp battery.  You can also buy the power tools individually.  The hammer drill is model number DV18Dl, and the impact driver is WH18DL.

When ever we pick up a tool, one feature we always want is balance.  We want our tools to have good balance so our arms and hands do not tire out while working.  Another item we noticed was how light both tools are.  The hammer drill is only 4.9lbs. while the impact driver weighs in at 3.5lbs.

The Hitachi hammer drill seems like a very nice drill.  As we said, it is very light, has a nice feel, and good balance.  What’s amazing is this drill puts out a whopping 570lbs. of torque.  Another nice feature is the command you have over this drill.  While most drills have a high and low, the Hitachi has a high, plus another switch for power and save.  The trigger is variable speed, so depending upon the adjustments, the drill can operate from 0-200/400/900/1800 rpm.  Not that we change the brushes a lot on our drill, but Hitachi built in a nice feature in case we need to.  Towards the back of the drill there is a place where you can access the brush for any reason.  In regards to the motor, Hitachi uses a rare earth magnet motor which they say provides better durability and more power.

The Hitachi impact driver is also a very nice power tool.  When you pick this tool up, it is very light.  This bad boy provides an incredible 1,330 lbs of torque.  If you have been reading our website, one thing we really stress is heat build up and how this tears a tool a part.  Hitachi has a unique cool flow system to provide a steady stream of air to the motor.  As with the drill, Hitachi has a built in feature that allows the user to access the brushes very easily.

This Hitachi uses an 18V 3 amp Lithium Ion battery for power.  We have all had the problem of running our tools hard, which causes the batteries to heat up.  Hitachi has a nice feature built in the charger that has a cooling fan to help dissipate the heat build up, so charging can start sooner.

The Hitachi tool bag is strong with lots of room.  On the outside there are some pockets to store tools you access often.  On the inside there is a pocket for the charger and another pocket for other tools.  The bag offers more than enough room to store the tools in this kit, plus other tools you want to carry around.

Over all we like the features, balance and feel of the Hitachi tool kit.  From the start, we wii give this a 5 blade rating, but we still need to run the tools through our test.