Specifications– Skilsaw Worm Drive Amps – 13.0 Volts – 120 RPM (No Load) – 4,300 Cord Length – 8 Ft.

Other Features Carrying Case D Handle Anti Kick Back Design Oil Pressure relief bellow


What do you think of when you think of bandages? Band Aid. You don’t ask someone for a tissue, you ask them for Kleenex. Well the Skilsaw is the same way. You don’t ask someone for the circular saw, you ask for the Skilsaw, no matter what brand you are thinking of. The reason is simple, Skil makes one of the best worm drives available. In this review we tested an older model called the Skilsaw Professional. Skil makes a newer model that has a magnesium case. This makes the tool lighter. A worm drive is different than an in-line saw. We have an article that talks about the differences. A worm drive is a true professional circular saw, lots of power. Skil, which is owned by Bosch, has one of the most well know types of work drives on the market called the Skilsaw.

The Skilsaw we tested is one incredible saw. Before we tested the saw, we went to a job site where it was going to get a lot of use cutting 1″ sheets of plywood for concrete pouring. On the 3rd floor they were cutting Maple and Oak pillar sides, so we also had this saw cutting some hard wood. We gave this saw to Jimmy because we knew he would be tough on it. He’s the type of guy who abuses tools before, during, and after use! You know this type of guy, he abuses tools because they aren’t his own! After we got the Skilsaw back, it looked like it went through a concrete mixer and was about 85 years old. We didn’t get much verbal feedback from Jimmy, so we ran some of our own test. First we changed the blade because three teeth were bent. We know this Circular saw has power and that was not the issue, so we wanted to test the anit-kickback system and oil relief. The first thing we did was cut through some Oak 4×4’s.

We wanted it so once the saw was in the center of the cut, the wood would bind on the blade. This is always a scary test because if you have every had a worm drive kick back, it can be violent and hurt like heck. I think I would rather be tazed than have a worm drive kick back. Well actually neither of them sound appealing. Anyway, we got the wood to bind, but we couldn’t get the saw to kick back or even slow down. No matter how many times we ran this test in different situations, we couldn’t get the oil to leak out anywhere either. We even ran the Skilsaw through so many cuts we got our Carbide blade to dull. All in all we had fun with the Skilsaw. We are going to test the new version soon with video and more. Because this is an older version, we didn’t go as in-depth as the new review will be!

Pro’s – Plenty of power to rip through anything, great balance or as good as balance you will get for a worm drive.

Con’s – A little heavy, but again this is an older model. The new models are about 3 lbs lighter.

Professional Power Tool Guide Rating

Value For a worm drive, you get a lot of power, good options and what we feel is a great value

Performance The are no questions about the performance. It Does everything you want. More than enough power.

Ease of Use The Skil saw is very easy to use. Depth adjustments and more are easy.

Balance The balance is great for a worm drive, but again, the way a motor sits with a worm drive, they tend to be a little heavier than in line saws.

Feel This is an extremely solid power tool. When you press the trigger and start cutting, you know it will cut what you want, and without hesitation.

Overall Overall we are giving this a “5 Blade” Skil owns the worm drive market. These tools are made to last. If you are considering a worm drive saw, the Skil is the number one choice!