Specifications – Skil Drill Bit & Saw Blade Combo Kit

Hard Case
43 Bit Drill Kit
1 – 7 1/4″Carbide Framing Blade
1 – 7 1/4″ Steel Plywood Blade

Over the years we have seen a lot of these kits made by varies companies.  Most of the kits are good, but you will always find something in the kit that you either do not use or is cheap junk.  When we bought this kit, we weren’t sure what we would find.  Considering it is a Skil kit, we had high hopes for no junk, maybe just some useless sizes to get their bit count up.

When we opened the case and took a look, we could see we were wrong.  The 3 nut setters are the most common used, the drill bits and bit inserts were also useable sizes all the way up to 1/4″.  A 1/2″ bit would have been nice, but again this kit was very inexpensive, so we new that wasn’t part of the package.  The screw guide was also very nice and strong.  The magnet was very strong.  We have seen a lot of magnet screw guides that don’t hold up much weight, but this one could very easily pick up 5 – 3″ screws, which is more than enough to keep the screw tight for any screwing position.

The test we ran was very simple and straight forward.  For the Saw blades we cut Oak 4×4 with our saw, and Oak plywood with the Plywood blade.  The Framing blade help up well. It took us a long time before the blade started to dull and cause some wood burning, but no quicker than other Carbide blades we testing in the past.  The Plywood blade dulled a bit quicker, but it’s steel and we were cutting 1″ Oak plywood.  Most of the time this blade will be cutting Grade B/C plywood and will last a little longer.

To test the bit inserts, we used harden screw heads and applied a light pressure to see how well the bits would hold up before they stripped.  Again they lasted about the same time as other bits of the same quality.

Overall we were very impressed with the quality of the blades and inserts.  We really like how the case is designed. You can carry four blades and all the popular sizes of bits and inserts in one place.  For the price, the Skil combo kit is a very good deal.

Pro’s – Great case, Carry everything in one place. Can carry up to four saw blades. Magnetic bit holder is very strongCon’s – Only one! Just wish the plywood blade was Carbide

Professional Power Tool Guide Rating
OverallOverall for the price this is a very nice kit. It gives you a wide assortment of bits, plus two saw blades. The only reason we gave this a 4 out of 5 was because the plywood blade was steel instead of Carbide. Other than that, this is a very nice kit and great way to have everything you need in one central place.