We have received a lot of emails over the past couple of months about Leatherman tools.  I am not sure if an article came out that is stirring up all the interest or what the reason is.  Anyway, a lot of people are wondering how good these tools are and if they are really worth the price.  As a power tool advocate and POC firefighter, I think without a doubt a Leatherman tool is worth the price.  Leatherman’s are the “Swiss Army knife” of the hand tools.  Almost everyone on the department has one of these tools. They are used for punching out windows in auto accidents to changing the batteries on their PASS device.  I have yet to see a Leatherman fail in anyway.

As you can see, Leatherman offers a wide array of models avaliable to fit any needs –See all models at Amazon When I first saw them I wasn’t sure, but after picking one up and using it, I was sold on the Leatherman brand right away.  Even the screw drive tip is tough.  I thought this would strip right away, but after putting some good pressure on the head, it held up.

For those who are thinking about getting one but aren’t convinced, just take a look around and see how many people have them on their belt clips.  So to answer all the questions about Leatherman, YES! They are worth the price, and depending what you are looking for, they will have the tools in a model for you.