Back in April, 08 Hilti released its DS-HS V2 hand held gas saw.  While we haven’t tested this saw, we have received feedback from a couple of friends on Fire Departments  who have used the new Hilti Saw.  The fire departments are regular users of the Partner K-12 saw, so I was surprised when my friends told me their department switched to the Hilti V2 saw.

The Hilti V2 has a new carburetor for increased acceleration.  The saw has a narrow body and the motor is taller which provides a better balance.  This saw reduces the vibration compared to older models.  The start system is redesigned and it has a cooler running motor.  Once nice feature is the reversible steel flanges which allows additional blades without having a different arbor.

All in all, they were extremely satisfied with this saw.  They loved the balance  and ease of starting.  The most important item was the starting.  The saw always started with one pull and that’s very important when your on a roof for ventilation and you have a fire below.